Sunday, November 26, 2006

Boone Hall Plantation

This is Boone Hall Plantation; also where they filmed Allie's home in the movie The Notebook! It was such a great tour as it is still a working plantation producing pecans (back in the day it was mainly cotton). The scenery with the forever long oak lined road to enter is just breathtaking and the 9 slave cabins which are still in their original state were great reminders of a gone era. It still awes me that this happened here in the USA--wow! We visited here while on our trip to Charleston,SC for Thanksgiving. I love Southern history b/c my dad grew up on a Southern cotton farm (which we also had a family reunion there while in SC). I took lots of pics of my kids pickin' cotton and pig pikn' at the family reunion and of course, didn't forget pics of our confederate relatives graves! To which my dad and Ed's dad will be very proud. Ed's dad bought me a huge confederate flag to hang out front for 4th of July and keeps asking me why it isn't out. He always says "the South will rise again!" and he means it! Same family that made me dance to Hank's "It's a FAmily Tradition" at the last family wedding--seriously--they are such a trip! His other favorite question is "why haven't you registered with the DAughters of the Confederacy" yet? LOL!!! They gave us roots and wings! I will post these pics and blog more later.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Love My New Shoes

OK so I finally got my new shoes that i had to shop the entire mall before i found THE pair i wanted. J.Crew had these expensive cheetah flats that i really wanted but didn't want to spend the money---so I found these at Nordstrom's and after a month of backorder they finally arrived and i love them--they are so comfortable for my preggo feet (the only fashion statement i can make now) =0)

Thanks BETH

How Fun!!! My friend just did a crash course with me to straighten up my blog---Yeah! This is my little boy at the beach...
Thanks,Beth!!! =0)
This is my little girl at Hilton Head (remember the blog on Home Free--that trip)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tooth Fairy

So my little girl had to have her front tooth pulled the other day and she was soooo excited b/c she has 6yr.old friends who have lost theirs! Anyway~it was nerve racking for me as somehow i get sad when my kids change and i knew this was gonna be a big change in her beautiful smile.
So we got the tooth in a little white tooth-shaped case and put it in her "tooth fairy pillow" and made a big deal out of the tooth fairy and she drew pictures of it and a thank you note the morning she was sooo excited that she got $2.50 from the fairy and her little face (tooth missing) was beaming---that's the fun stuff of being a parent--to see them believe like they do--WOW!
Then, of course, i had told her she could take it to school's show n tell the next day---what was i gonna do now---brilliant idea---we had to write the tooth fairy again and ask her if we could borrow the tooth again and promise to return it the next night (this worked very well--in case you are ever in this situation) Her note is precious and i will keep it forever! Then we returned the tooth again that night! =0)

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