Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tooth Fairy

So my little girl had to have her front tooth pulled the other day and she was soooo excited b/c she has 6yr.old friends who have lost theirs! Anyway~it was nerve racking for me as somehow i get sad when my kids change and i knew this was gonna be a big change in her beautiful smile.
So we got the tooth in a little white tooth-shaped case and put it in her "tooth fairy pillow" and made a big deal out of the tooth fairy and she drew pictures of it and a thank you note the morning she was sooo excited that she got $2.50 from the fairy and her little face (tooth missing) was beaming---that's the fun stuff of being a parent--to see them believe like they do--WOW!
Then, of course, i had told her she could take it to school's show n tell the next day---what was i gonna do now---brilliant idea---we had to write the tooth fairy again and ask her if we could borrow the tooth again and promise to return it the next night (this worked very well--in case you are ever in this situation) Her note is precious and i will keep it forever! Then we returned the tooth again that night! =0)

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