Saturday, October 21, 2006

Neighborhood Kids...

Does anyone's neighbor kids drive them crazy? I try to be such a nice mom but some of these kids expect you to feed them all day and give 'em drinks and pea in your BR--to which i always say "go home". Kids stink the second they go outside (mine included) (that musty/sweat smell)and once they are out i just want them to stay out til they can bathe again. I always just thought it was little boys only but it's not my sweet little girl stinks too---or maybe it's just how freakin' hot Florida is so they are always sweating like little pigs.
Anyway, some days like now, these kids are knocking at my door (which is always in the middle of my 15minute--so pregnant tired gonna die nap)---and i don't answer b/c i just don't wanto and then they peak in the front window and yell for my kids b/c they know we are home as they see the car out front--this makes me crazy b/c then i want to give them a lecture on manners bUT my little girl gets the lecture instead like you don't ask other mommies for food, drink, or toilet---you come home---and you never bang on people's doors---just ring no more than once--and you never take toys out of s/o else's garage w/o them knowing (they do that too!)
and oh yeah, "love your neighbor as yourself" (just like mommy does =0)>

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