Saturday, August 16, 2008

Worry Be Gone

It's a new year with all the unknowns that lie ahead.
One of my biggest faults is worry---i hate that i am a worrier,
and i am actually always reading self helps on this mental disposition
of mine to make it end, but lately I have been praying through some
worries and awaiting His does come...He promises. So as I am waiting, I have a recent change of perspective which helped me grasp
my smallness. A few of my close friends have some serious worries that
have trumped mine completely, biopsies, children with undiagnosed chronic pains, leukemia, husbands who have lost jobs---get it---I do God....I am now
counting my blessings that I am fortunate to say are often we
take them for granted. So worry be gone....not this year...i choose not.
My sister just reminded me of a song my late bro-in-law wrote before his early death "the day we believe the things we believe in our lives will take a turn" (~Wes Uhler) true. I believe God, He gives us no reason to worry.

Friday, August 01, 2008

My Grandmother is 95!!!!

We are headed to a big reunion party for my Grandmother today...there are no words for how great she is in my eyes! She is the coolest cat you'll ever meet....i mean not many would want to hang out with a 95 year old lady and I would choose it any day over some of my closest friends....she's funny, smart, insightful, wise, so wise, but my favorite part is how she always lifts you up and lets you walk away feeling better about who you are and your true purpose in life....that's the kind of person i long to be someday and I will be blessed if I am half of her. She hums all the time..old a low alto soul voice...and it just makes me happy...I will always treasure this, i can hear her if i think about this and that is a memory i will always hold close. She has a way about her that lets her interact with people on any level, in any age group, and charisma that makes you just want to BE with her time with her is never long enough. I always leave wanting more. She has been through the fires of life, including the witnessed loss of her brother at a young age; the loss of her first baby, her only girl, at delivery; a long struggle with an alcoholic husband who died at age 40 leaving her with 3 boys to raise alone, and she did it as a school teacher and she never "smells like smoke" (Beth Moore). I once asked her what her best piece of advice would be for me to one day tell my children and she said,"if you miss Jesus, you've missed it all"

I love you "G" (Grandmother Georgie)! Wishing you a very very happy 95th birthday today and every day--you deserve it!

Brooks, "You're My Everything!"...