Saturday, August 16, 2008

Worry Be Gone

It's a new year with all the unknowns that lie ahead.
One of my biggest faults is worry---i hate that i am a worrier,
and i am actually always reading self helps on this mental disposition
of mine to make it end, but lately I have been praying through some
worries and awaiting His does come...He promises. So as I am waiting, I have a recent change of perspective which helped me grasp
my smallness. A few of my close friends have some serious worries that
have trumped mine completely, biopsies, children with undiagnosed chronic pains, leukemia, husbands who have lost jobs---get it---I do God....I am now
counting my blessings that I am fortunate to say are often we
take them for granted. So worry be gone....not this year...i choose not.
My sister just reminded me of a song my late bro-in-law wrote before his early death "the day we believe the things we believe in our lives will take a turn" (~Wes Uhler) true. I believe God, He gives us no reason to worry.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! The more you say it (write it), the more real it becomes -- at least that's what they say about smiling and happiness -- "Fake it 'til you feel it!" You're great, Kayden's great, we're all great and this year will be great! love you! me

hot potato said...

i love this post, kim. so true. i love that line in the song wes wrote. take the good moments and the blessings and hang on and ride them out...but most of all remember them. for the days when we will need them to be our strength. God is good, all the time. no worry in that equation.

Brooks, "You're My Everything!"...