Saturday, August 25, 2007

I BLEW my Husband!

OK, so I thought i'd share a funny little story with you all....this will be much funnier for those of you who know me. Here goes, Ed and I went in yesterday for our "new found freedom", the only freedom you can buy when you have 3 little kids under 6, you guessed it---a VASECTOMY---ahh, what sweet relief. So my poor husband, who thank God he's a willing man, got all ready shaved his balls, did all his heavy work ahead of the weekend, and took his Valium pill, and off we went. Now, for me, this is a change and I always romanticize change, I had already thought long and hard about this permanent end in my life but in the final moments I did feel a bit like i did on my wedding day, when you sign off on that paper that says FOREVER and you know you better be,I got a little more sweet little newborn baby faces and toes etc, then self preservation threw me into more practical no more hours of pushing your kids through school, the neverending homework, the potty training, the sick drama, the worry.....and I quickly signed my paper. The real clencher for me is how much of yourself it takes to give them what they need, I personally am full and a little scared of what's still left on my plate--get it---I was ready.

So, I knew my husband was nervous about his "goods" being on display and cut :) (but I didn't really feel bad for long as we all know what I have been through w/ my "contributions" to this world).....the nurse calls him back and I get to go too (just to watch) :).....this doctor says, "did he get to see you have all your babies?" I reply,"yep, all 3" and he says,"then come on down!" my doc :)
So, Poor Ed, there he lay, staring at the ceiling trying to escape his reality---I knew how he felt, really I did, but again it was a nice flip-flop for me (therapeutically speaking, i think every couple should do this).....then the clamping and cutting and poking begins and he goes gray in the face....the procedure finishes and my "funny guy doctor" (AKA "the Pecker Wrecker") puts some gel antiseptic on the last of his sutures and smoothly says to me "just blow on this for a second cuz it kinda stings..." and's where I wish I could have said s/thing clever here girls, like, "no, i'm off duty, that's your nurses job" or s/thing.......anything..........but you know where I'm going girls, mommy brain had kicked in and if you know me, you really know what happened next........

Yep, I blew on my husbands balls in front of the nurse and the doctor and my sedated husband!!!
and not once but like 3 times b/c stupid me thought his balls were stinging!!! Did you picture that b/c I get more embarrassed as time goes by........ARe you laughing or crying by now......this will go down in my LONG list of most embarrassing doctor was laughing his butt off......and I suddenly oddly felt what it must feel like when you've done a cheap porn movie or something or like you feel in that dream where you are naked in front of a room full of people....I was dying!
Well, hope that made you laugh.......i gotta go help him ice his big ol' balls! :) (I'm bad, i know)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer Portraits

My MIL made them all matching outfits--(nothing like pressure to get a picture done :)
The bright colors came out really nice!

I DID IT!!!!! So glad that's over! and I thought one child was hard! :) Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

3 Generations of Friends...

My mom and her mom were best friends
JeanneAnn and I were best friends
(literally meeting at birth--cradle to grave) She is the kind of friend, like a sister, that moves hell or high water at a moment's notice to just "be there" in the midst of a crisis, or you don't talk for awhile (just b/c that's life getting busy) but then there are times when you talk every day (just b/c life slows down a bit), the kind of friends that "know" your whole story so you aren't constantly trying to explain all the background information....just "salt of the earth" good friends. I love my old friends and I hang on to them b/c you can't duplicate history, either you have it or you don't.

Thanks for coming,JeanneAnn, it was so much fun, saved in my heart forever! :)

and now, her little girl and mine, Kayden and Kynzi are keeping the generation of friendships alive...

Monday, August 06, 2007


Now, seriously, nothing else matters...just when you think you can't take another minute of all the insanity in your home and he gives you one of these...and "I melt, every time you look at me that way......." :) Hope he gave you a smile!

Brooks, "You're My Everything!"...