Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bump N Rump

Well, is it just me or does baby #3 hit your body faster than the other two? i am only 10wks into this pregnancy and the "bump and rump" are here already!!! I am so over being pregnant--not to mention that you forget how the hunger pains are....i showed up for a movie with my sisters and mom the other nite and had a McD's snack/wrap on the way (which is always a shriveled up piece of overcooked chicken which i actually like now--gross) and a whole stash of food in my tote bag just to get me through the movie---i seriously fear the hunger pains--my (all of sz 0/2) sister almost died laughing when i cracked open my mini coke (i love these b/c i don't feel they count) in the middle of the movie and ate my bag of chex mix--to which i did not laugh b/c i literally MUST EAT every 1.5hours or i am queasy and that is the worst this is why i gain 60# w/ every child and hate myself for 10 months. There is honestly no way around it though b/c as this is my 3rd time i feel the same as i did the other times where if i don't "feed this beast" it will sicken me....and it can't be healthy food (as my wonderful husband already suggested--ASS--who said that?) must be what I want at that moment which is usually a whopper Jr. or other such junk. So this is the cure to morning sickness---EAT all you skinny ass pregnant people---you will feel good for about half an hour and then you must eat again and so it goes.........ahhhhggggggggg!

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onehotpotato said...

oh my word--you are killing me. funny thing is I had to feed the beast too and I it takes the whole fun out of eating b/c it's out of a feeling of desparation. uhgg--right when you are all skinny again i'll be heading down the straight and narrow.

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