Saturday, December 02, 2006

Alan Jackson concert

"Remember When the sound of little feet was the music we danced to week to week..."

So, we went to the Alan Jackson concert last night--outdoors on the grass with a nice balmy 68 degree breeze--gotta love Florida! Wreckers and Little Big Town opened and when LBT did "Boondocks" the crowd went nuts--i love it when a big (probably football player) guy with jeans,a flannel with the arms cut off showing his cut arms, and a curled-up straw hillbilly cowboy hat got in the aisle and did a slow-grungelike dance to this song--it was awesome--and sure enough, he had a few hottie girls dancin' with him in no time. It was perfect...AJ did Cornbread and Chicken "where i come from" with a whole video presentation of West Palm Beach--loved it, "Itty Bitty" which my husband and i love b/c we can totally relate, "livin' on love","it's 5:00 somewhere"--which everyone went nuts as he filmed that video right here in my hometown at my favorite beach bar The Square Grouper ( He has a house here in Jupiter and lucky people occasionally see him around. and more.."right on the money" but he did not do "tall,tall trees" which i love. Best part,of course, was a memory i will always have now of my Edward holding me close to "Remember When"--that was worth it all---I am such a sucker for history as it is the one thing you can never take back so you better do it right in the present--it's sacred and we have a love and respect that hopefully,God-willing will be there til the day we die. I can never get through the line about dancin' to little feet w/o crying--i love those little feet and it's the hardest thing i've ever done. I am very loyal and that song just sums it all up for me. There are good and bad times and you just got to ride it out. My husband whispered "i'd do it all again"--wow! I love that man! The whole concert was worth that.

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Southern Sugar said...

Alan is from my hometown. My cousin played in his band, before he was famous of course. I just love him. Wish I had know about the concert. I live in the Tampa area, I could have made it. Thanks for posting. My mom talks to his mom almost every week on the phone, but he still feels so distant and big star-ish to me. Thanks for posting.

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