Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I got IT!!!!!!!!!

IT happens to be the vintage--brand new---discontinued--Blues Clues STeve's Handy Dandy Notebook!!!!! whoo hoo for me---good mom award! This is all my little guy would even care about this Christmas--He hangs on everywhere he goes to this old, beat-up one handed down from his nephew to nephew for ~14 yrs now---it is all scratched up and he likes it better than the new ones (b/c they come apart and this one doesn't). This vintage notebook was recalled b/c the coil could break--whatever! It was made much better than the one out now. So we are in for Christmas! and i got a decent price b/c the listing wasn't under "notebook"--yeah--i love when you get a find! We also got him Magneatos which seem to be really great--we'll see--magnetic block building. I will try to post a pic later! Happy Christmas!

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onehotpotato said...

if you don't flippin' post here soon--i'm going to have to take action. you gotta use this blog more--this is a great tool to stay connected and your wasting time. i know you got it in you--at least you got good pictures you can pretty it all up with!

i think it's time you upgrade to the new blogger. that way you can do more. if you need help...let me know. if you want to give me your user name and password i can go in and create something better for you and then you can make changes to it. i've actually just done exactly that to two of my friends blogs just this week. send the info to me by email or call.

miss you

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