Thursday, January 18, 2007

Charlotte's Web

"'SALUTATIONS' (welcome), the right words can change everything'"~Charlotte

If you haven't seen this newly released movie yet--you must! It was brilliant, better than i thought they could have done. This was my mom's favorite book as a child and, since she is the most amazing teacher that ever was =0),we knew this whole story before we were born. So,I now,as many others,have learned to love this classic story of loyalty, trust, and sacrifice. This new movie really does bring it all to life. My kids have been watching and reading (note-*Jim Trelease "The Read-Aloud Handbook"--you need this if you don't have it already) Charlotte's Web I and II in cartoon form until now, but we will be buying this one on DVD when it comes out.
I went to see this with my 5yr.old little girl,Kayden and her Granny (my mom)---i cried 3x (yes, i know i am pregnant but it was sooo good!) There is so much to this movie and i guess as an adult,sitting there with my mom, made me see this movie from a new perspective with all it's parallels to life (your relationships in friendship and love).
YOu see, I LOVE my mom--she is s/o who has completely given herself to countless children (as a teacher), to her 3 daughters (as a mother,exceptional role-model and best friend),to my dad (as a devoted soul mate)...she has always had so much to give and I can only hope to carry a small bit of it on to my next generation. She gets better with age and somehow she grabbed hold of the TRUTH in the midst of all the lies in this world and never let go...(she invests in people as the only "treasures" that you can "take" with you when you die and nothing else here on this earth matters--we are only passing through this temporary place til we meet Jesus in heaven someday).That world view has effected everything she does. OK, I am rambling, I should have named this one Retta, after my mom =0)
Anyways,I remember two places that made me cry in the movie--
1.>when Charlotte shows Wilbur her eggsack and calls it her "magnum opus", you see my mom has always called me (and my sisters)her "magnum opus"(meaning "her greatest work or masterpiece") since I was very little and back then i never understood why, I don't think i figured this out until college at some point, but now that i have my own "magnum opuses" do i truly understand (so i cried)...
2.>when Charlotte died (it was horrible) and I again thought of my mom--i can't even go there.
You must go see this movie before it leaves the theatre! OK!
Now I must close with a reference to one of my best friends, Beth, I spoke with her yesterday for one of our usual, nothing less than two hour, chats...and she prodded me to blog more here i am...hope you enjoy,Beth =0).......If you have not read Beth's blog at then you should. People have always thought that Beth has a lot of words(or things to say)--this is one of my favorite things about her! She is intelligent,expressive, and inspirational to me. Wordy? yes, but this is why she loves blogging and I am one of those that love to read her blog--two of my recent favorites of hers were...Shalom in the Home (which has now become one of my fun phrases-ha!) and one about her commited comb and "Kyrie Eleison" (we should say that more often)...go read them!
Since I said a paragraph ago that i was closing, i will with the last line of Charlotte's Web by E.B.White, "It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer.Charlotte was both." ~ThankYOu, Beth (true friend and writer)


onehotpotato said...

finally! keep it going...i want to have more reasons to visit your blog. i also loved this book--i blogged about it some time ago. i loved what you said about your mother. so sweet of you.

Shell in the City said...

What a great blog!! I loved Charlotte's Web as a child. I plan to see the movie when I get around to it! I can tell your relationship with you mom and family is really special!!

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