Friday, January 19, 2007

Men In Trees

OK,so i have a new escape--Men In Trees (on right after Grey's Anatomy).I really hate getting sucked into these shows b/c i am a devoted watcher, and once i am hooked i can't miss a show (and i am not lucky enough to have Tivo).
Anyway~ There is just something sexy about Mr.James Tupper (aka Jack)! wheww! There is something very sex-Z about a quiet man to me...i think it's probably cuz my father is so quiet (but like EFHutton-when he speaks,people listen). They don't waste words. I just think loud men should shut-up and leave some room for a girl's imagination. You know,i find truth in the statement "still water's run deep" and all that...It's the mystery that they lead you to believe is there. Quiet men keep you challenged, interested, and guessing. They have lots to say when they find the right girl to say it to--this is sexy!
I also love how this show takes you outside the real world to a place that is just simple and the people are not so plastic. It took me a bit to adjust my perception of Ann Heche and now she is becoming her character for me (Marin), we'll see if this show stays alive. Is anyone else watching this?


Shell in the City said...

I just finished watching last week's episode. I still need to watch the one from last night! Grey's Anatomy did me in - talk about tears!! As to Men In Trees -it has grown on me. Before MIT, I didn't really like Anne Heche. However, she does a great job as Marin. So great, that I forget about her wacky real-life persona. I love all of the rugged men on the show. If there are towns in Alaska like Elmo, I might need to take a trip to one!! I could use a Jack!

onehotpotato said...

i have not watched it before--i have seen it advertised, but i have had a hard enough time keeping up with grey's anantomy.

Shell in the City said...

Hey! I guess tv is becoming reality - Anne Heche left her husband for the guy who plays Jack on the show. That is nuts!! I guess it is typical Hollywood!

ed's girl said...

yah, i saw that too---she is a little unstable, i think w/ the whole crazy thing a few yrs back,the lesbian turned hetero mom, and now she's the homewrecker.
It must be easier for her to be a actress than live her real life--that's why she's so good at it.

Debbie said...

I totally watch Men in Trees. I think it's so cute. And yes, Jack is not really my "type" but man there is just something about him...I think you hit the nail on the head, it's his silence that does it.
PS I have DVR (Tivo) and I'm addicted to like 10 shows!!

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