Monday, May 07, 2007

10 Things Tag

10 Random Things about me
tagged by Jennifer at Playgroups are no place for children (click my sidebar)

1--My biggest pet-peeve is people who have an agenda or ulterior motives (like they call you up w/ a secret favor to ask or s/thing and lay it on you after they ask if you have any plans and you say no--kind of agenda) I don't play that game--what you see is what you get

2--I graduated Salutatorian from Nursing school (which shocked even me, but i am proud of it b/c it was much harder than 4 yrs.of college and I worked really hard b/c I am passionate about nursing)

3--I have been on a Spring Break vacation to Saudi-Arabia (before 9/11)--it was an amazing trip!

4--I keep my shoes on at the OB/Gyn office during the "check-up" (and i always wonder if i should take them off or not?)--will they think bare feet in their face is rude---what is the etiquette here, anyone,anyone? and i always pretend i am not really there...seriously...i'm too cool for all far as i'm concerned it just isn't happening

5--I had major jaw surgery at 20 yrs. old b/c my left condile bone never grew? They surgically broke my jaw in 6 places and wired me shut for two months--i got skinny--and actually sucked a brownie thru a straw (out of sheer desperation) (FYI: this was a medical necessity not cosmetic, the surgery not the brownie)

6--My pinky finger is dwarfed for some reason (very short and chubby but the others aren't?)--i think s/thing went wrong in my fetal development the week of fingers and jaw? (come to think of it so is my little toe)

7--My husband's wedding band is engraved inside w/ "Grow old along with me..." and mine is engraved with "...the best is yet to be" (my friend Beth sang this at our wedding) (got the rings in Saudi Arabia)

8--I met my husband at Winn-Dixie---he was the produce boy, I was a cashier---(fyi: i must clarify here that we are not losers--LOL--he has his masters now and i am a college grad :0) I am blessed to love him more today than I did when I fell in love with him!

9--I have to sleep w/ one foot out of the covers to keep my temp stable, no matter how cold it is

10--If I could change only one thing about my physical appearance it would be to have naturally tan skin--i think this would hide lots of flaws somehow

bonus: I am having my third baby tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i hope he weighs 60#) :)

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hot potato said...

i will post something here soon....

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