Wednesday, May 02, 2007

i'd like to thank...anonymity

First you have to go read my friend's post on this at (click on title post) and then (copy/paste this link>
then continue w/mine below...

...this is why i hand select who i will tell that i am a secret blogger. sometimes i think, it would be fun if a bunch of my friends and other family members could connect w/me here, but then i quickly pull back into my shell. I like the fact that so few know me here b/c I can really put it all out there (so far)
--i was irritated at my sister one night b/c she told a mutual friend to go check out my blog--(i didn't tell her my link)--i don't know why,but it must be this reason that i'd rather keep it small...i don't like giving people the upper hand to form opinions about me when they are hiding their hand, so to speak...same as in weird friendships i have run into in life--like when you feel you put alot out and the other person is always soaking it up but not opening up on the other end...have you ever had a one-sided friendship that eventually dissolved or never became anything more? --blogger would be an easy place to start that-lurking, but never actually coming out of hiding.
I did think, you could set up two accounts... and s/times i do wonder what image i am putting out there,but most of you know me well enough to "read b/tw the lines"..."keep what is worth keeping and w/ a breath of understanding blow the rest away"--right?--we all have other circumstances happening in our lives that can "color" our days or our reaction at any given moment. If s/o "knows" you then they know what state of mind you are in at most junctures of your life. All in all, it is nice to be able to vent....somewhere...and if you can't here I sure hope you can someplace. Last night i heard a quote by Andy STanley re: choosing people you connect w/ in life wisely especially when you are seeking counsel in some area of your life...
"choose s/o who has nothing to lose by telling you the truth and if it be a friend, make sure they are more interested in YOU than your FRIENDSHIP"
---wow, are we ready for that? We all know who our "yes man" is, but is that what you really want in a friend? Can you handle the kick-in-the-butt or do you always want a pat-on-the-back reply? I would like to think I embrace constructive criticism and I have a handful of friends that I consider my "truth tellers" and i value that. So, I would like to think that I could get honest responses off a blog entry...from even those that don't know me--hey,why not,you have nothing to lose?

p.s.thanks for the "thinking blogger" nomination--lately i don't think my thoughts make sense d/t all my hormones, so we'll see what i can come up with :) in fact, i may just post this as my "thinking blogger" post? :) why not?
I have no one to tag w/ this meme since I am a lone blogger--haha LOL! you have all been tagged already.
oh, and on your last note about returning to paper journal blogging--my Grandpap always said,"you can think it, you can say it, but don't ever write it"---you know i've been busted here before...i am sure i will be busted again, but it is a good life lesson...b/c there is nothing worse than s/o stumbling onto a word you didn't want them to read. Am i right?

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