Monday, April 30, 2007

What is your Birth Order?

Is there any truth to the school of thought re:birth order as it colors how you relate in life? i just read yet another article on this as i am getting ready to parent a "eldest,middle,baby" (Sarah's peeps)and they offered a quiz to take (click on post title to see for yourself) to test your parenting style in r/t your birth order. I must say I have always wanted a youngest as I am the baby of 3 and now i will soon have my relative--the baby--we'll see how fun that is, right?
I, being the baby (last of 3)/with a first-born lean (coming 6 and 7 yrs after both my sisters) have always felt like everything i did big in life was "been there done that" like my graduations/wedding etc. and I have always resented that pics of me are few and far between although my sister's have lovely professional cutie pics as little girls---i am lucky to find a blurry snapshot---i have sworn inwardly to myself that this will not happen to my 3rd child (to which my mom says "we'll see..")
So, where do you all fall in your birth order and how has it shaped you?


onehotpotato said...

i have an 2 1/2 year older brother and i am 3 minutes younger than my twin sister. so i am technically the youngest, but barely.

because i am a twin, i do not like it when someone does not let me have my own identity and just jumps on in claiming they are just like me. growing up, even though we weren't identical, we got lumped in together alot. so we worked our butts off to be seen as individuals.

thanks to my birth order, i think i often go the distance to be distinguishable and me crazy, but i think my merits have enough value all on their own. you know.....beth is -------. or beth can------. not beth and that person, and that person, are --------. i like the period to follow sooner than later.

In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Scott and I are both firstborns and we see a lot of our same characteristics in our Eldest. My boyz are VERY TYPICAL in their birth order. It just floors me sometimes at how the 3 of them came out of my womb, b/c they're all so uniquely individual, yet very textbook in regards to their personalities with their birth order.
Wow...that sounded much smarter than I meant it too.
Have the 9th marked on my calendar for you. Can't wait to hear!

Shell in the City said...

I am the oldest of three - middle bro is 1 yr. 8 mo. younger - baby bro is 5 years younger. I am definitely a textbook oldest child. I was the boss growing up and an overachiever in school, etc. I guess I always felt like the pressure was on me to do the best. Middle bro was the mediator and baby bro was the entertainer that got away with everything!! Yes, my parents took the most pictures of me as a baby/toddler!! However, my brothers and I definitely have distinct personalities!! I am sure you will enjoy seeing the differences/similarities in all 3 of your children!!

Jennifer said...

I'm the oldest by 7 years. My personality is textbook for being a first born/practically only child.

I've wondered how this will affect my two kiddos (there will definitely be no more).

Sparky said...

i'm the middle child, BUT the only girl. the only girl thing changes things up a lot. so for my parents, everything i did was unique and new since i was it. made things good :o)if i'd had a sister, i would have not handled the competition well. but who knows.

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