Friday, April 13, 2007

Are you a GOOD wife?

This is a Good Housekeeping magazine clip from 1955....could you even imagine seeing this in a magazine today?
My mom sent this to me and my sisters this morning--LOL! Did they really do this,"seriously"?(as they say in Grey's Anatomy)..The scary thing is my mom is pretty good at this list. Just wondering what happened through the years to my sisters and I? I must be a modern women.
*note-you may have to click the picture to read it all if it's too small>

OK, when you girls stop laughing long enough to pick yourself off the floor, forward this to all the women you know so they can have a good laugh too.
Well,I am off to the beach (or maybe i should start vacuuming awaiting my husbands return from his long day--HA! :0) I think s/o should try this list out---and let me know how it goes---i wonder if Ed would want me back or trade me for a STepford wife? Hmmm?
p.s.did anyone watch Notes from the Underbelly last night? I thought it was cute--I don't really know if it can last,but it was fun to watch especially since i am pregnant? Oh,how naive we are before that first baby,huh?


Jennifer said...

I'm not sure Tate would like it if I was a little gay.

That is definitely not my reality!

Very funny!

ed's girl said...

wow! Jennifer,you're fast! I don't even think i posted this blog and already had your comment--LOL!

onehotpotato said...

wow! times have changed....i would not have been a very good wife then. "wives should always know their place", or "never ask him why he's late or where he's been....even if he's out all night", or "what he has to say is more important than what you do-crap!"

no, i was born at the right time.

the beach? that's what you are doing today? life is not fair. after my night last night....lucas throwing up for the 5th day a row.....i could use a day with the sun and the surf. ughh.

have fun:)

Sparky said...

reading some things on this list, my eyes were wide as saucers. others i laughed out loud. others i thought...good advice. maybe some of these things were the reason so many couples from that era have stayed together for so long. there's something to be said about a non-bitchy wife who manages to NOT make complaining comments the first thing out of her mouth when hubby gets home and keeps an orderly house providing a sanctuary to all who come in. and nothin makes a man happier than a home cooked meal ready when he comes home. at least that's my husbands thing. i think i could learn a thing or two from some things on this list, the rest is just ridiculous. i'll tell you right now if my husband stayed out all night or even went to dinner with out calling to tell me what's going on...there'd be hell to pay...and he knows it :o) i think if i'd lived in that era, i'd die alone cause there's no way i'm keeping my mouth shut. what i do and think is equally as important as what he does and thinks :o)

hope you had a wonderful day in the sun. you deserve it!! hope the pregnancy is going well.

hqm said...

I love that article! My mom wrapped the napkins in it at my Bridal Shower. We had a good laugh!

Shell in the City said...

That is a trip!! I couldn't imagine anyone acting like that think that was how things were to be in the 50s is weird. Then again, I guess it was the 50s when women were given blenders and vacuums....

In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Could you even imagine?? I'm soooo not the 50's housewife type. Go make your own damn dinner! And bring me a margarita while you're at it! ha ha.
Hope all is ok with the pregnancy. I know you--you must be soooo done!

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