Friday, April 27, 2007

HELP! Mother's Day's coming...

just venting...I have to confess, I think I would like to do away w/ Mother's Day.Why? you ask? I got"reprimanded" two yrs. ago for sending my husband to his mom's w/ the kids for Mother's Day while i went and hung out all day w/ my sisters and my mom---i thought i was doing MIL a favor (hello--her son, he's there w/her)(and i sent a very nice gift)?? and then got the "disappointed you weren't there" line??? Which was followed w/ a polite discussion about how I feel Mother's Day is about ME and my mom? is that weird? Every year I deal w/ a mother-in-law and my mom (locally)and the fact that I, in fact am a mother also to (soon to be 3) small children. (+plus my two grandmoms that are still alive)---ugh! it is such a headache day. So, this year,I have already been approached for a "tea" at 1pm reserved at a tea room 25 minutes away for me,my daughter,SisnLaw x 2 w/niece,and my all, this is 4days after my new baby you see what i mean (and why would the guys not be involved in their mother's day?) AHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGG! i told my SIL that I could not commit just yet (she who is graduating college and never had a baby)...I will probably be not wanting to even get up, much less dress up and take a newborn anywhere when he's 4 days old...this could start my postpartum early, i swear---could somebody tell me i'm not crazy?
Everyone seems to have a different idea about how MD should be spent?
I am one who believes that once you become a mother, then it should be whatever you really want to do that day,like spa/movie/shopping w/o your kids honoring your mom at some point in the day---is this a crazy thought? Notice, i said "your" mom, not necessarily your husbands mom---not that she's not great, but I have major conflict every mother's day and i end up not enjoying it myself--which just doesn't seem fair?Others seem to think you should spend the day w/ your kids?
I wanna know what your expectations of Mother's Day are? Please do tell?

also, HELP!!!
Does anyone have any ideas for Mother's Day presents
and a sister-n-law graduating college gift?

I have been looking everywhere for the perfect gifts and need to "check these things off my mental list" before i deliver this baby.

...and if you could come clean my house that would be great too! ;0)
Oh, i can't believe i am doing this AGAIN---i swear my face is swelling now too along w/ my Flintstone Feet! and i am not glowing--what's the deal?


In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Mother's Day should be YOUR day. To do what YOU want to do. And 4 days postpartum, you prob. won't want to be out of your pj's, I would imagine!
I always do a "girls night out" on that weekend (6 of us are going out to dinner in Boston on Fri night) and then spend Sunday with my family. And if Hubby wants to see his mom, I make him take the boys so I can have some quiet time alone.
I think you need to put your foot down on this one!

ed's girl said...

This is what my SIL just wrote me in a email msg....'Why couldn't you do tea with a 4 day old?Ha! Dave and I went out for our anniversary and met with real estate lawyer the day I got out of the hospital after Jorja was born to refinance our house. Baby's are so portable at that age and you know we all would love to see him. I wasn't told to bring Jorja to the tea...guess I should check on that.'

Lorilu said...

AMEN! STAY AT HOME! I can't even believe that this is even an ISSUE! Practically since you will have a 4 day old baby!!!!!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!! Do what you want to do! Tell them if they want help YOU...have them come get your other two kids and you and Ed can spend it with your new baby! Just my two cents from Idaho (who has NO family in town! WOOHOOO!

Lorilu said...

What...does SIL want a Brownie Button? ;)

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