Monday, April 16, 2007

Once a Boston Marathon runner!

BOSTON MARATHON is today! I posted on this i thought i'd tag a pic of my Edward running the Boston Marathon yrs. ago, but of course he is obsessed w/ it today. He said he was so glad he didn't qualify this year as a Noreaster blew in? Sarah? are you havin' fun up there? :)
His best time in the two Boston Marathons he ran were 2h36min!!
I am still proud of you,babe! You are still a runner to me :)

p.s.i didn't realize he was trying to qualify last yr by running the PBMarathon--now i know--he knows better--we have rules, like when i am hugely pregnant; he's not allowed to train--hehee! (and you all know why)


Sparky said...

i'm envious. i'd love to be a long distance runner but i always got so bored :o) i did sprinting and relay in highschool. suited me a little better i guess

In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

I think of Ed every year when the Boston Marathon is run! Yep--crapy Nor'Easter weather up here...I watched bits of the race on TV and felt bad for the runners because there were hardly any spectators out there cheering!

onehotpotato said...

as a girl who grew up in new england---i too favor that little race known as the boston marathon. if my memory serves me, it's starts out in the little town of hopkington, ma. i used to have a friend that lived year we went to see all the runners at the starting point. free t-shirts were our motivation. pretty cool.

all i can say in regards to your eddy boy--he's bringing sexy back!

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