Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sipahhs--heard of em?

This is my newest,greatest find!!!! at my favorite store WalGreens!
My daughter gave up on white milk at around age 3 since all her big cousins were only drinking chocolate milk by that point, so we started using Ovaltine and now these straws seem to have done the trick w/ her and they only have 0.5 t.sugar per each 8 oz.

The straws are unique in its use of tiny flavoured beads entrapped within the straw. A special filter at each end of the straw keeps the beads in but allows milk to be sucked through. The beads, which are made of tapioca starch, gradually dissolve and flavour each mouthful of milk.

Of course we had to test them out!

The straws can be used from either end and although they are designed for use with 300ml of dairy milk, one suspects you could easily use rice or soy milk with little problem.

The flavouring worked surprisingly well. There was a bit of refining of sucking action (suck too fast and you don't get much flavour) and then the whole thing descended into concentration of flavour via backwash (that wasn't me!).

There's no doubt it brings out the kid in everyone. As much as it is being pitched at encouraging kids to drink more milk (and each straw only has about 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar), I suspect a few more straws will disappear from the kitchen cupboard when the kids aren't looking.

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Sparky said...

these sound very cool. i will have to try them cause i'm the one who does not like to drink milk. maybe this will be my salvation. thanks for the tip.

Lorilu said...

Interesting! I may have to try those for N :) He too is prefers strawberry milk

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