Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool's Birthday!!!

She is our "family fool"--i say that b/c she was born on April 1st and she spends lots of time thinking up great jokes to play on all of us on her birthday every yr!! You'd think we would learn but somehow she is that good at it--she gets us where it counts too!! She must have been born w/ this gift. I remember her best prank on me was 4 yrs ago when i had just moved down to Florida from N.C. and ,while in transit driving behind my husband, I was hit by a "hit and run"! on the interstate w/ my 8mo. old baby in the backseat! I lost control of my car and literally saw my life flash before me. (that's another story but..) keeping that in mind--when we made it to Florida, we had just had all our furniture moved into a rental home on my sister's street; we were sleeping at my mom and dad's until all the rooms,flooring etc was redone and my mom and i had just put a load of laundry in at the rental and left the machine running all night when we left (this was April Fool's Eve, you follow) sister called me at my mom's in the morning (April 1st) and was hysterical saying "the fire dpt and cops are on her street and the new house is up in flames!!!"---i swear, I almost beat my heart through my chest and started sobbing---it had just been too much happening in my life at the time and this was believable since we had left the washing machine running...then she says "April Fools!!!"---it didn't even matter at that point--i was so shaken up that i kept crying---we laugh hard about it today, but that day--she got me good! i think my nerve's were shot! Can you imagine!?
ANyway, this ONE's for you, Keryn, you fool you! :0)
She is the most generous person i know--she would give anyone the shirt off her back, she has been through so much in her life (loss of a husband in a car accident and left w/ a broken back and several surgeries and months in the hospital w/ chronic pain and she never complains--it really amazes me!) She is an optimistic person who can always seem to find the silver lining in any situation--that's a true gift! She is such a blessing to me and always seems to be thinking of others. It makes me tear up to think we almost lost her in that accident and we are soooo thankful to God that she is still here with us laughing on April Fools Day and I have learned to never take that for granted again.
I love you,"Kerynyn"! Happy Birthday!
p.s. Keryn, hope you're having fun on Spring Break in Pennsylvania! We miss you! I almost posted on "the red bucket" memory at Corrie's for Grandpap's funeral--LOL!! Good times,huh? "Cradle to Grave"~love you! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Keryn! Love the older and wiser sister :-) Hope you're having fun in PA. We'll party when you get home.

Love You!


onehotpotato said...

happy birthday to you to, keryn! i hope you are celebrating your life in style. i wish you well.


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