Wednesday, April 18, 2007

OK, I must share my favorite gift shop...i have used this girl for the past couple of years and she is my best kept secret...i just went to her old ebay site where i originally stumbled on her and found that she has a shopping blog (see my "go to" girls list on sidebar)...she does great quality stuff! I get her notecards, teacher gifts, friends presents, baby shower, you name it---i love how easy she is to work with and she isn't very pricey. I also use her "bag tags" for my diaper bags and get tons of "where'd you get that?"
So go check her store out and get on her blogsite as she gives away lots of freebies too!
I loved my round address labels from her that i used on my Christmas cards too--they were just like the ones in my sidebar pic but w/ lights strung in the palm trees! Too cute!
You'll love her, promise!


onehotpotato said...

i am secretly shocked that you gave away your "person"! you must be getting a kick back or something....just kidding. very cool. i will have to check her out. is this where you got presleigh's baby bracelet?

ed's girl said...

no, presleigh's bracelet is another source...go easy on me, i can't give away too many secrets in one day--haha--LOL! ;)
for you,Beth, i will tell you in secret--hehee!

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