Friday, May 18, 2007


Brooks Edward was born at 2:31pm on Wednesday,May 9,2007
He has blond hair and olive skin (yeah!!)---He is just perfect!! Thank the Lord--we had a few scares w/ Downs soft markers...but he is fine and his heart sounds perfect!! My husband was sobbing b/c he was anxious to see all was allright.
The delivery went well but harder than my second---had a great epidural but felt lots more at the pushing part--it was still amazing though!
Brooks didn't pass his hearing test twice (which had me an emotional mess) and then he passed w/ his left ear, but not the right (we go back on 5/21 for another check on the right) They say very often vernix or fluids will clear and all will be fine w/i a week or so--pray for it please! I think it's just another "let's scare the crap out of a new mom" tactic, right?
My little girl broke her arm (same arm, second break in 6 mo.) she had to have a closed reduction surgery on Tuesday!! she was very upset about this and it happened the day i was coming home from hospital--fun! She is so sweet though and picked a blue cast in honor of her new baby brother (she always picks pink, of course) (that seemed to make her happy) and had me write "i'm the big sister" on the front of the cast---all her idea! :)
Then the MinMan started a stomach bug and has had diarrhea/rash and all for 4 days now!!! He is pooping as much as the newborn!!! AHHHHH!!! No more drama for the mama, please! I hope i survive all this ??
I am quickly posting, as i have no time--seriously--anymore! know, up all night, two other kids--i am barely treading water---but it gets better every day! Keep checking back w/ me--I will post pics of the new family ASAP---i haven't even downloaded any yet!
Thank you all so much for all your prayers and pick me up notes---i need 'em and it's fun to touch base here.


In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Loved the hospital pics online of Baby Brooks! Glad to hear you're hanging in there. Life is crazy, huh?? Make sure you call or e-mail me if you need to vent about life with THREE. It's a wild ride for sure!

ed's girl said...

Sarah--i love how you posted on Mother's Day and said,
"You were lifted out of my body while I held my breath until I heard each of your newborn cries...I am your mother."
I was just there and that is so true--Brooks was blue as a berry and you literally hold your breath-he was fine,but Ed was sobbing--it's just so much anticipation of a healthy child overwhelms you.

Jennifer said...


Sorry about your daughter.

Hope you are doing well!

hot potato said...

and she came up for air long enough to connect with us all.....

you must be doing better... you posted on your blog!

i am thinking of you. you will have to coach me when it's my turn to step into the insanity of adding one more to my two. you'll be the pro.. and i'll be telling you "i haven't come up for air yet.."

i, too, went to see him on the hospital website. he is a darling little boy.

now you family is complete.

Shell in the City said...

Kim - I am so thrilled that Brooks has arrived..what a cutie!! I will pray that his hearing will be okay!! Your family is my prayers - what a lot to go through in a week!! Hang in there!!

SPARKY said...

so excited for you. i hope some day to meet this little one in person. i'm glad you and he are doing well!
all my love

Brooks, "You're My Everything!"...