Thursday, March 29, 2007

Help Baby Names?

I still haven't completely decided on my baby boy name so I thought I would ask you all what you think? Our top 3 running names now are: Carter,Charles,and in:

Carter Vann
Charles Vann (after both our grandfathers that passed away in this pregnancy)
Brooks Edward
Brooks Vann (or possibly Brooks Edward Vann)--this would make a 4-name moniker? How do we feel about that?hmmm

Vann is not our last name. My whole family has different votes in every direction...i think Brooks appeals to me b/c his brother is Benjamin ("the MinMan") and i just think two little boys named Brooks and Benjamin sounds cute? (but husband doesn't care for this)(but i still think i could sway him :0>)
I don't know why naming boys seems so much more difficult to me?@# but it does!
My little girl (Kayden) was set in stone and i never waivered on it once or even looked in a name book. Even when Ben(named after my dad)was born it was down to the final minutes w/ the Name Natzi at our door in the hospital before we finally picked off our narrowed list of 17 names! I swear it took me a while to recognize him as his name--isn't that sad?
Please Help or make other suggestions (if you wish) I know everyone tries to keep their names sacredly tucked away (but some of you readers I may never know)(or if you have some local great names that you can't use to offer?)


sparky said...

here are a few from a journal i've kept for a long time that i would write names down that i liked. i won't be using any of them because my husband is not a fan so feel free if one of them really strikes you...

ed's girl said...

I have always loved Miles, but my best-friend here in Florida named her little boy that and now I just can't use it.I think it is a great name though! :)

Jennifer said...

I like Carter personally. We were going to name our baby Carson is she were a boy.

I saw your comment on my blog and my husband's name is not really Tate, although it serves him well. I use pseudonyms for everyone (except for my name, which really is Jennifer).

In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Not a fan of "Brooks". Sounds too snobby prep-schoolish. I just picture a mid-80's James Spader look-alike wearing a pink polo with the collar up. You knew that I, of all people, would be honest with you!) I like Carter the best.
Eldest was almost Connor;
Middle was almost Owen;
Baby was almost Andrew;
I also like Nolan for a boy.
How's the stone???

Shell in the City said...

I must admit that I like Brooks. It sounds classic and goes with your last name. I know that some B names get labeled as rich - Blaine, Barron, etc., but I think it is better to have a rich sounding name than a poor one..haha. In the book Freakanomics, there is a chapter on how naming a child can affect his/her life. It was very interesting. According to their studies, people with wealthy sounding names are more successful than people with wacko and uneducated sounding names. Other boy names I like: Joshua, Jacob, Jackson. I don't know why I am naming J names!! I am sure the name you guys pick will be perfect for the little guy!

Southern Sugar said...

My favorite boy name that I love is Ashton.

Southern Sugar said...

Oh, another neat one that you may or may not like is Tague. I have a good friend whose husband is named Tague and I really like it. Chayton is another pretty one.

ed's girl said...

My mom just mentioned Tag to me the other day! It is a cool name! I like Kai too, but i am still very confused about what i will stick on--ahhh--maybe i will know when i see him?

Brooks, "You're My Everything!"...