Sunday, March 11, 2007

I WON!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so I am up at 1030pm writing this (really 930p d/t spring forward time change--which i soooo love--not) anyway, I am waiting for my favorite shopping spree to come to a close at exactly 30min50sec--EBAY!--i go through little obsessions w/ EBAY--i love the thrill of jabbing my bid in last minute--i know it's so the Stay-at-home mom power-kick, and i love it! (except when i lose b/c you really feel like s/o sucker-punched you)...oh, i am bidding on a brand NWT (new w/tag,for those of you non-ebayers ;) Fleurville sling-tote diaper bag (i will post a pic and let you all know if/when I win--fingers crossed)

that's me singing b/c i took ms "minibuns" down in the last bidding minute--
she didn't even see it coming--sorry , i know that's mean, but i did win!!!
isn't it a great boy diaper bag, now i gotta get a cute "bag tag" or name
him first (i guess that would help, huh)


onehotpotato said...

you little sneeky fox you! or i could call you "swiper" off of dora. good for you. it's the little things that make me feel happy too. it must be fun to have the mentality of "it's my last one, i know what i am having, i don't have to go gender neutral anymore!" i am for sure looking forward to that.

sparky said...

love the bag. i have a great one that my mom picked up. it's a coach bag. it's gorgeous. i about peed my pants when i saw it. fabulous. it will most likely be replaced by the time my second or (hopefully) third comes around since i'm literally wearing it out

Shell in the City said...

Congrats...I'll know to keep away from you on Ebay! haha!

Brooks, "You're My Everything!"...