Sunday, March 11, 2007

LOW of the WEEK!

Here's my LOW of the WEEK was so not fun....we just went today to my nephew Parker's 2nd birthday party at the park all day and my kids played,ate,and drank too much...then when we got in the car to leave,5 minutes down the road(why not at the park w/ all the grass!?grrr),the MinMan (my 2yr old) no warning suddenly(always how it happens) starts projectile vomiting BLUE frosted Thomas the Tank Engine cupcakes (apparently he ate lots of BLUE frosting)...I quickly emptied a full wipes box and tried to "catch" what i could (remember i'm pregnant w/heightened sense of smell and leaning over the front seat w/ my big belly--got the visual pic) yelling for Ed to "PULL OVER!!!" (poor ED had just detailed my car yesterday--yah)...we peel the screaming MinMan out of the car and I must say I was as prepared as one could be...thanks to my older sister's best piece of advice ever--you ready-- "always keep a gallon of water in the back of your car and a towel when you have little kids and Baby soap"-- (i would add a trash bag to that-living and learning)Now I truly know why...i do use all of this whenever we hit the beach to give a quick shower so the little people can crash on the way home, but anyway, I have never been so happy to have those 3 items in my car--believe me--i don't know what we would have done--it was soooo gross! Meanwhile as I am scrubbing carseat down on the roadside, my sweet little girl keeps asking me "Mama,how do you spell Benjamin?"--5seconds b/tween each letter--"how do you spell sick" as she journals in her notebook---then holds up a "Benjamin is sick" note through the window at me--"thanks,sweetpea!"--i was about to laugh/cry--aaahhhh! We had to take the whole carseat apart and lucky we had a clean liner underneath to put MinMan (all clean and happy now!)in a fresh diaper wrapped in a towel in his carseat and finish the trip home. After Ed and I scrubbed what we could down w/ wipes (100+ to be exact), we both crawled into the car and I had to laugh--why--you ask? well, b/c husbands conveniently always seem to miss these such "occasions" and wonder why we call them yelling while they sit at work and say "babe,what do you want me to do?" the way,Ed said he couldn't wait to get back to work tomorrow (i knew my job was harder--LOL! so glad he got to see for himself). I'll catch you all up on my HI later--it's been one of those weeks...the HI just isn't here yet?!
EBAY update--7min40seconds--what a rush--this can't be good for my pregnancy!...waiting for my last minute ebay bid dig!

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onehotpotato said...

after talking to you this morning, i came over and read this. how aweful!!!! kids and the caos. i'm pulling for you with this third baby--hopefully things will be low key for awhile. have a great week.

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