Friday, March 02, 2007

Summer Wear

Since it might as well be summer already here in S.FLA.,(i swear we never even had a week of jeans weather--seriously)I am already doing summer shopping for my kids. Kayden will be 6 and she has hit that stage where there isn't much cute stuff for little girls anymore? (can't do all the trashy slutty girl stuff that seems to be everywhere now).Anyway, I got my Garnet Hill catalog and they have so much (too much to list)I want to get for her,including the Hadley Pollet little girl's headband that i pictured in my sidebar--these headbands have saved me soooooo much time getting her ready and she loves them b/c she can do her hair herself (less work for me)! The hard bands tend to hurt her head, but these kind she looks so cute in. Since i am having a new baby in May,we are going the EZ clothes route (i.e.any item that needs no help from me and matches) which will include tank dresses (pictured) and our uniform summer REEF flip flops.
I am debating b/t the tennishoes--I love the pink converse but just came across the classic Tretorns (that i wore as a kid)? What do you think? (plus to the converse is i wouldn't even have to help tie them--big plus) :)
You gotta go see for yourself at --tons of cute stuff (for boys too)! Their slippers are so cute but we just don't have much use for them here in the heat.


david santos said...

This woqk is very good
Thank you

sparky said...

love the shoes. i might have to scope out a pair for myself

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