Saturday, February 10, 2007

AWANA campout

So husband left with my little girl this morning on her first campout. It is a good man/father who will volunteer to go hang out with 80-100 kids at a park for a campout--yikes! (another on my list of thankfuls,Beth) He is a great man! I love to watch their father/daughter relationship grow b/c he tries so hard and does it so well. He loves his little girl. I advise his younger sister (not married yet) to marry for character (what one does when no one's watching) and s/o who adores you--the move mountains for you kind... Anyway, Kayden was so excited--I can't wait to hear how much fun she had.

They got back late and she was so dirty and wasted tired! (which means fun been had)
She was falling asleep telling me all about her scavenger hunt,campfire songs, smores,showing me her "marshmallow shooter" made out of PVC pipe (cool toy),and the speaker that told an Indian story while the bushes were rustling and how scared she was! It was so sweet to watch her face light up about how much fun they had. There is great reward I believe for people who invest in children. Thanks to all the adults that made this happen this weekend! The kids will never forget it! Ed had fun too as the weather was a PERFECT 73 high and sunny! He was in charge of some games and played double dutch with some little girls that he says "were amazing"--just picture Ed--LOL!
Me and MinMan had a fun little date day too just hangin' out here at the house! Truth is I missed them--one of those long days, you know :0)
Alright, Goodnight!

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