Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy 40th Birthday, KRIS!!!!

My Big Sister (although she is very little) is the BIG 4-0 today! I feel like I should burst out in song,"Through the years..." from babysitting me as a child to babysistering me as an adult. I can't believe it either, I guess we will all get there someday (if we aren't already). I am so lucky to have her--she is amazing--I actually have had people tell me they wish she was their big sister...mostly b/c she goes out of her way to think of things she can do to help me out all the she'll just show up and take my kids for a drive so I can do grocery shopping or take a nap...she remembers being in the "little kids stage" and thank God for me. I know I am spoiled. She does the big sister job very well! :0) She has always been a role model for me and has had a very successful life to show for it--3 amazing boys and a wonderful husband--a true "life of love". She has laughed w/me, cried w/me, made so many dinners for me, and most of all spent numerous hours just being THERE for me. We have shared kidney stones,stomach flues,family vacations,an unforgettable trip to Saudi Arabia,haircuts (remember the infamous "Friends" cut--we thought we'd look like Jen Aniston--we didn't!),heartbreaks,and moments of laughter til it hurt. She actually took a 12hour road trip at 8 months pregnant to see me graduate from college!! That's huge (and she was too,then)I can only now appreciate the effort =0) She is a heartfelt listener,wise counselor, loyal friend,and I am so lucky to have her! I am sure she will have much more advice to give me when I turn 40 and frankly I can't wait to hear it. Some people don't like their sisters; I can't imagine my life w/o them.
We had a big (all the family) party for her yesterday. My mom made her cake and along w/ it came a very funny story...when Kris turned 1, my mom had made her a white birthday cake w/ white 7-minute frosting and wanted it to be perfect (we can relate,can't we?) anyway, it was too flat and my mom wanted it higher so she (in her words) being "21,young&dumb", and pregnant w/ my middle sister, and not the best cook, decided to just stuff the middle of the cake w/ jelly beans and thus "Kristine's jelly bean cake" which my Grandmother (mom's MIL) thought was a mess. But what a memory years later! I love stories like that. We never heard the story and in her one year pics you couldn't even tell--we cracked up over this, picturing my mom! So we had a "jelly bean cake" for Kris'40th which i am sure she will never forget--she even got 40 little blue candles on it, just like the one she had on her first birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KRISTINE ADAIRE! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! p.s.for all this my little girl is named after her, Kayden Adaire =0)
*See her 5 Rules to a Happy Life posted on my sidebar*
(she really does try to live by these)
oh yeah p.s.s.this is your card...Hugs!Love, forever your little sister :) See you at the Spa!


Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWWW..... love it! Only you could figure out a way for me to read a blog :) Thank you so much. I'm printing it out and keeping it for always! Aren't we lucky that Mom and Dad gave us such a great gift when they gave us such great friends as sisters??!!! Love you --- the big sister :)

sparky said...

hey kim
it's stephanie smith
hope all is well for you. you're in my prayers as you await the birth of your new little one
i look forward to some day seeing you again

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