Monday, February 26, 2007

The HIs and LOWs of ME

Did you catch my "low for the week" sidebar? yeah--7#up again in one month!!!! This is my third time through this and I still am amazed at How does my body do this--i already did a 10#up/1mo. this pregnancy? Do you know how depressing this is? (or my other low--walking down a mirrored hallway at the mall--whew--could my butt really be THAT big!) This stage can really start to get me down...I sighed to my sister the other day whilst talking on my cell-phone in the never-ending pick-up line at school,"I just wish I were ME again"...what i mean is pregnancy is another one of those "out of body" experiences for me, like when i go to the GYN doc and pretend I am somewhere else---this is how i cope! I am really tired of this pregnancy weight-gain and I swear I can't stop eating to save my life--i think the more i think about it, the more i eat---aaaaaaaahhh! I wish I could just disappear until it's all over--I still have two more months of this! She laughingly suggested I need to just blow it off and should hostess a raffle for whoever can guess what my final wt. will be? Anyone in? Wait, I am remembering how my friends "raffled" me on my wedding day--haha--really no hard feelings :0)
My loving sister topped this conversation off with "i think your voice has changed"--you know, the fat voice/laugh--GREAT! i swear if there is one thing our men need to thank us for it's this whole baby-makin' thing.
On a happy note,(my "HIGH" for the week) we (mom and sisters)did go the the PGA Spa (you must go here if you ever visit) yesterday and got there at 930am and stayed til 330pm just doing treatments and lounging at the pool and eating (well I was--they were detoxing--whatever)My sister Keryn and I were pigging out on roast beef pinwheels w/ herb cheese and strawberry relish--mmm--they were so yummy! while Kris and my mom were eating only fruit and water for the day and remembering when "they used to eat"...i say again,whatever!(I swear,combined they weigh less than me right now) I did the pregnancy neck/shoulder/low back massage--it was sooooo great to lay on my stomach on that pregnancy horseshoe pillow--ahhhhhhh! that alone was worth it all. My sisters were crazily doing like 3 treatments each and having a great time til we left and the bill was WAHOO! Girls just wanna have fun, right! and we did! Then we went to CityPlace (DT west PalmBeach) and watched "Because I said So" with my mom (about a mom and her 3 girls,how appropo)---very cute movie! I love Diane Keaton.


Shell in the City said...

I am sooo glad to hear you enjoyed a day at the spa! It is amazing what a little pampering and food will do!! That is so neat that your mom and sisters are so close and are able to take time to chill together!

onehotpotato said...

sounds like fun everyone. i think your sister is so funny--no sympathy--with the whole fat voice thing. just think, this is the last time you have to go through any of this. i do know how if feels to dream about getting "yourself" back. you'll be there again.

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